Next Energy Solar Purchase Options

Purchasing a home solar system outright provides the highest return on investment and instantly increases the value of your home. Customers can invest in a solar energy panel system outright with cash or cheque, or via a home equity line of credit at an attractive low interest rate.

When you purchase a home solar system via cash or line of credit, you will collect 100% of the solar revenue at a fixed rate from the Ontario government.

The investment is secured by a 20-year contract, which will pay residents up to $5,000 annually or $90,000 over the tariff-guaranteed term. The difference between our cash and line of credit programs is that with our line of credit option you will receive a no-credit-check prime + 0.5% interest rate (currently at approx. 3.25%) and keep your money. The earnings throughout the term will far surpass the original price paid for the equipment!

Interest Rate – Solar Financing

Next Energy Solar currently offers a prime + 0.5% interest rate with zero credit check required! Bad credit, no credit – no problem, you can still enjoy the benefits of a home solar system. When you use a home equity line of credit to purchase your solar equipment, your home simply pays for the equipment – it’s that easy!

How Can Next Energy Solar Offer Such a Low Interest Rate?

We can offer such a low interest rate because the revenue generated by the solar panels is guaranteed by the government of Ontario.


There are many benefits to purchasing a residential solar system:

  • You own the system outright
  • Increased property value
  • Guaranteed monthly income backed by the Ontario government without any risks
  • After the 20 year term is up, you will never have to pay a hydro bill again – resulting in average savings of at least $80,000
  • 25-year warranties included on solar panels/racking system/microinverter
  • Environmental and social benefits: creates green jobs in Ontario, stabilizes energy prices and creates a better energy infrastructure for Ontario

Free Solar Consultation

Next Energy Solar will help you take advantage of the many incentives available through Ontario’s microFIT program. Book your free consultation with a Next Energy Solar Specialist today! We’ll perform a detailed assessment of your home and prepare a free proposal drafted by our Engineers.